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Learn and work together for 2 - 4 focused hours and GET IT DONE!!
Goal setting and planners as you know them DON'T WORK FOR MOST PEOPLE!
(most especially working moms)

I'm wrecking the planner industry with my so far un-name-able Guilt and Shame Free, Goal Setter / Planner / Journal combo.
Download my "barely a beta" digital printable to get a taste.  
Want to go deeper?  My private clients get the insider training as we develop this all new approach.
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Meet the team of Virtual Professionals to trust with your business strategy, marketing, tech and operations support.

Our team of high performers can virtually step in for a few hours a week or month to give you more time and access to specialized talent without the cost of a full time employee.

Projects and functions you can delegate to my team of professionals includes:

  • Business Strategy and Product Design

  • Tech tool research and implementation

  • Online Program Launches
  • Design and Build of Online courses and memberships

  • Email Marketing Funnels and automation

  • Blog / Podcast / Video Content Management

  • Social Media Strategy and Management

  • Website development and maintenance

  • Shopify store setup and maintenance

  • Print product design, dev and marketing

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My mentoring and online courses help you start or grow your own Virtual Professional freelance / consulting business.

In 2015, I left a corporate job of 20+ years to work exclusively from home.  Virtual Professional work is not direct sales or MLM or any scheme like that.   There is a high need for quality professionals to take on freelance projects both short and long term.

My programs teach how to identify your strongest skillset that's desired in the marketplace, find your ideal clients and projects and price and deliver your services.

Want to learn more?
Ready for Mentoring?
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In 2012 I started a blog called FirefighterWife.com that struck as chord and grew like mad.

Thus began the Fire Wife Sisterhood and my eyes truly opened to the life transforming power of online communities.

We grew and grew and grew to well over 100,000 followers.  In 2015, I wrote a book called HonorandCommitment.com that has sold over 5000 copies.  I then launched a national non-profit on a mission to strengthen the marriages and families of first responders.

This non-profit has hosted 8 Commitment Weekend events for firefighters and their spouse.

In 2017, my marriage to that firefighter ended in divorce but my heart for the mission grew stronger.  Together with a team of ambassadors and volunteers, it continues today.

Please share this resource with firefighters and their families.  And consider becoming a supporter of our programs.

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Some of the amazing people the online business world has brought to me....
"Lori has the experience to provide guidance and personally can answer our online business questions. Having a go to guru is major!!!"
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Wendy Gentry
IG @BusinessDoneBright

"Lori Mercer is a brilliant online marketing strategist and implementor. She understands what it takes to begin, scale and grow an online business. Her wisdom and knowledge to lead teams through projects will help you work both quickly and efficiently. She has had an integral role in the marketing of our businesses and has been a valuable asset to our team. " 
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Erin Chase
5dollardinners.com &  MyFreezEasy.com
Read More About My Story......

Ever meet an extraverted creative engineer with an overgiving heart?  Equally right brained and left brained.   That’s me in a passionate but nurturing mom / sister / friend style package.

(Yes, middle school was extra awkward.)

I earned my 20 years of business cred filling a passport while my 4 kids were still babies and clawed my way out of the golden hand cuffs to run my own business(es…. there’s never just one when you are an entrepreneur)

By 2016 I had

  • 100K followers on facebook in a niche I never expected to follow me

  • written a 350 page self-published book that has sold over 5000 copies

  • left my corporate job to lead the non-profit I founded

  • and began expanding my consulting business

I quickly realized a few things....

1. There's a big need for quality professionals in the online business space (it's like the wild wild west with people making up their pricing, methods and services with little experience and unsuspecting business owners being burnt.  ouch!)

2. There are a lot of women with professional skills who can be trained into the space.

3. I work best when I work with high caliber individuals on important missions.

So here's what happened next......


Coming soon!   

I've never created a portfolio because my business has always come on a referral basis from trusted "referral angels" (which is one reason I love the consulting world for those wanting to exit corporate quickly).

But yes the team is working on a great library of featured clients, projects and results.  Because we like to shout out about our clients too :)


Also In Progress!  Whew!  What a great list of people and interviews and articles we are assembling here!