Case Study: Turn Your Admin Skills into a Work-from-Home Business

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Can you admin your way out of any jam?  This episode is for you!

So maybe you’re not the creative type but you are the get-er-done girl. No detail goes unfinished. You can admin your way out of any jam. This episode will show you a case study and business plan for someone with your admin skills who wants to work from home.
Admin skills are by far the most common skillset that people mention when they tell me they want to work from home.  And for good reason….there’s a lot of admin work out there!   This world doesn’t go round without a solid team of admins. The best news ever is that more and more of it can be done from home and not chained to a corporate office.

Some highlights from this show:

But how will I learn these skills?  Try our fast class for rapid skill development or the Verified Virtual Professional Training Center. The profile?  You’ve met her.  Or you ARE her.  But don’t be a perfectionist.  Rita Reliable is pretend and we all know that no working mom is THAT perfect.  This list gives you an idea of the kind of traits a high quality virtual admin has. Check out these lists of beginner and advanced skills…..and know that the time frame to move up to advanced can be as short as a few months for someone dedicating 20 – 30 hours a week to the work. Wondering who hires these kind of virtual admins?  Look no further than your backyard.   3 more examples are shared in the episode – online coach, established online business and growing online marketing based business.  

Are you ready for the next step?   But still have questions like….

Where can I find those projects / clients?

Are my skills really good enough for this?

I know some of that but not all, how can I learn?

Do I need a website? How do I charge?

It’s time for Virtual Work Mentoring.

A personalized experience to help you define and grow your Virtual Professional business. Still trying to learn the virtual skills?  Check out Verified Virtual Professional Training Center. My conclusion this episode.…there is a lack of high quality Virtual Admins in the workforce.  The best ones are always booked.  So if it feels like you’re late to the market, you definitely aren’t.  And I’d love to show you how to position those high quality skills in the right places.  


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