Fancy Setups for Better Email Engagement

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fancy setups for better email engagement

This is not a newsflash: Emails are forgotten more quickly than every new TikTok trend.

 Maybe the reader sees an email once scrolling their inbox on their phone and never go back.

Maybe they see a notification pop up and think they will read it later.

Maybe it’s never seen because it rolls to page 2 of the inbox and after reading page 1 everyone is exhausted.

Maybe it looks boring, like every other email on that topic and they think “nice guy but I don’t need this one”


I personally contribute to this with my black Friday / cyber Monday tradition of refusing to even open my email.

As a marketer by profession, the covert manipulation of the consumer via email marketing drives an angst I can’t describe.

My life purpose was meant for authentic, quality marketing and I just can’t help but want to protect all those good hearted but unknowing email readers falling for the hype 😭

Back to business… here’s a COLD HARD IMPORTANT FACT:

Data shows that those on your email list are your primary buyers.

So we need to find ways to get them to openy-open and clickity-click and (the best yet) reply!!

TIP: tricking them doesn’t build credibility and trust factor so no hacks will be on my list.

Googling this topic is overwhelming. This is true for most online marketing topics as the industry matures and advances. So let’s keep this as simple as possible.

Here’s my recommended list of…

Specific strategic techniques for improved email effectiveness that can be handed off to your marketing team to implement:

1. A/B test subject lines (and have really intriguing subject lines – in a good way, not a click-baity way)

Test using emojis to stand out

Always fill in the email pre-header line

2. Email in tiers based on engagement to increase the chance of delivering to the inbox

How this works: your most engaged part of the list will open and click more. Email that segment first so it trains the email services that your emails are good! Likable! People want to see them! Then a few hours later, email the rest of the list.

3. Follow up effectively and automatically with your contacts who adore you the most

If they click a link, reply to an email, visit a key page on your site, reward them with not just “another email” but super helpful information you know someone who takes that action would want to see next.

Note that sending an email inside a well designed automation is the best way to do this and keep your data clean.

4. Resend to non-openers. Yes we know that open rates are more “hidden” than they used to be but honestly, most people outside of online marketing aren’t aware of that. The email open data can still be helpful.

Here’s how: Slightly re-word your email and add a different subject and resend to non-openers at a different time the next day

5. Send emails in the contact’s time zone not yours.

Yes a 6 am email can be great for some audiences but that looks like 3 am PST if you are in EST. That’s just weird.


This means a zillion things based on your audience but do at least one of these.

  • Segment by warmness (more frequent clickers, least engaged)
  • Segment by age on list (Joined in last 30 days, joined last year)
  • Segment by their interests based on what they click on
  • Segment by asking them who they are! (Married, single, parent, etc)

And then only message the segment for whom your email makes the MOST sense

7. Stay consistent on emailing so the list stays warm and you are memorable

I.e. don’t only email during launches or when you have something to sell 🙂

fancy setups for better email engagement

Feeling like this is a LOT? It is.
This takes more advanced planning.


Setting this up requires a little more time. So no more morning shower brainstorm and plopping directly in front of Active Campaign / Ontraport / MailChimp and type your little heartfelt sentiments out and broadcast to all. That email has the lifespan of a tweet from _____

(Sidebar: please don’t chose MailChimp if you are serious about your marketing. Call a friend for support!)

Ready to get fancy?

When you know your email list is the most likely to buy, then time allocated to email marketing techniques has definite payback.

(even if it sounds more fun to go play on social media!)

Now you have 2 choices:

1. Send this to your team to implement
(prioritize first!)

2. Ask our team to do it for you. Connect here.