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Building Wealth

Lori’s Short and Sweet Philosophy:


  • Start young.
  • Be consistent.
  • Diversify and hold.
  • Include Real Estate in your portfolio.
  • Learn about blockchain and crypto and where this is all going…. if for no other reason than to be relatable to your grandchildren’s world.
My first month of casually playing around in Robinhood with a few hundred dollars.  (And then imagining if that had an extra zero or two behind it!)

Get a Free Stock.  And manage your own investments – low cost entry.


It used to be you had to work with brokers and pay expensive fees and have a lot of cash to invest in stocks.  That’s a lot of barriers!  Robinhood app now allows you to invest small amounts, get comfortable with investing and grow from there.   And most recently….. you can play around with a few of the main crypto currencies.

Use this link and we both get a free stock!

Crypto 101 – You Know You Should Know This!

The world is changing quickly.  This is the foundational course that got me up and running with all the lingo and know how.

Get $10 in Bitcoin free!

This is an essential app for crypto management, buying and trading.  We both get $10 in Bitcoin when you sign up and buy or sell your first $100 🙂

{ almost 3 decades in internet business }

It’s still the same today.
Brains + Heart + Good people performing well run processes.

No panic allowed. Let’s do this differently.