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I want to Build my…




Building Myself

This is how we enjoy the journey called life.

    Go ahead. Laugh and cry. I totally get it.

    And join the Men-o-pop party! It’s free and fun and full of women normalizing that we ALL eventually go thru this and we can do it BETTER.

    This is one of my funnest partnerships ever! If your brand / audience is aligned with the 40+ woman, partnering here is a good dose of humor AND list building for you. Connect with me for a free men-o-pop campaign plan.

    Building Wealth

    Lori’s Short and Sweet Philosophy:


    • Start young.
    • Be consistent.
    • Diversify and hold.
    • Include Real Estate in your portfolio.
    • Learn about blockchain and crypto and where this is all going…. if for no other reason than to be relatable to your grandchildren’s world.
    My first month of casually playing around in Robinhood with a few hundred dollars.  (And then imagining if that had an extra zero or two behind it!)

    Get a Free Stock.  And manage your own investments – low cost entry.


    It used to be you had to work with brokers and pay expensive fees and have a lot of cash to invest in stocks.  That’s a lot of barriers!  Robinhood app now allows you to invest small amounts, get comfortable with investing and grow from there.   And most recently….. you can play around with a few of the main crypto currencies.

    Use this link and we both get a free stock!

    Crypto 101 – You Know You Should Know This!

    The world is changing quickly.  This is the foundational course that got me up and running with all the lingo and know how.

    Get $10 in Bitcoin free!

    This is an essential app for crypto management, buying and trading.  We both get $10 in Bitcoin when you sign up and buy or sell your first $100 🙂

    Building Business

    Tools for your Online/Professional Business.  Some of the secret weapons behind Lori’s businesses include:

    Web Hosting with a Personal Touch

    Green Olive Tree. Not the biggest name on the market but this company has been there for me around the clock when I crashed servers selling a gazillion decals. True Story.

    Need Another Domain?

    I hoard them as a hobby. They are a bit of an idea collector for me 😉 Here’s my favorite place to buy domains.

    For Practically Everything – 

    Sales pages, Email marketing, Membership Management and more… Ontraport

    This tool can create landing pages, forms, take orders and of course manage your entire customer database, emails and email sequences, membership sites and pretty much do your dishes and run errands as well. Seriously. So powerful. (You may want a consultant to help configure some things… I am happy to help 🙂 Sign up here.

    For Video Training…. and More

    Running a team and online business takes a lot of time and energy. Onboarding new people, explaining the way you want your brand to work requires energy output. LOOM makes it easy to get my thoughts on captured and shared, ASAP.

    My Favorite Online Meeting Tool

    Zoom has been my go to online meeting tool long before Covid-19 made it popular.  There are many choices with similar features. Pick one and become really familiar with it. You don’t want technology to be a flub up when you are presenting live. Zoom has great features for a reasonable price and their support has been fantastic.

    The only online store to consider building.

    Don’t look any further than Shopify.  This one stop online shop gives you access to endless apps to customize your store, tracking, shipping, drop ship services and more…

    Best WordPress Theme – DIVI

    Creating your site can be overwhelming. Whether you code or not, chances are you will have someone in your team that you want to take care of web design needs. Divi gives you beautiful layouts, easy to use interfaces, and amazing customer service.



    Need Social Traffic Growth?

    Katya is business smarts meets social media effectiveness. She’s not just another pretty face influencer. She knows business.

    { almost 3 decades in internet business }

    It’s still the same today.
    Brains + Heart + Good people performing well run processes.

    No panic allowed. Let’s do this differently.