Make every part of your online business feel good!

One Simple Business Map + One Tweak.

From $0 to $40k Months

You probably don’t need new content.
Watch this 2 minute video to see how we can discover “leaks”in your marketing

“Just show me… I’m a busy CEO” Version:

If this excites you, know this….

  • You can systematically get to the 6/7 figure mark in your business by replicating this process.
  • You are likely overpaying for systems and overcomplicating your online marketing process.
  • Your team CAN perform better with this kind of clarity and simplification.
  • Your revenue and profitability projection (oh wait…you don’t have that?  Right.  Let’s do it.)


(This is our sweet spot.  Marketing math meets heart led purpose.  Don’t let the numbers bore you.  We are here for the systems, math and performance results.)

Hi! I’m Lori, your “Fractional C-Suite” and Engineer of the Feel Good Work method for running profitable online businesses you feel good about.

My Online Business Philosophy in a nutshell:


CHANGE LIVES:  It’s AMAZING how easily we can transform lives and reach people with online businesses.


HAVE VISION:   The industry is an awkward tweener trying to win the middle school popularity contest. Play the long game and avoid those embarrassing photos. 


STRATEGY FIRST:  Don’t chase online tactics with a foundational strategy.  Marketing is psychology and has been timeless for centuries.  TikTok will be gone in a flash.


PROFESSIONAL TEAM:   Build teams of professionals and experts, with growth paths and bonus incentives to achieve big mission goals.  (Don’t rely on the flea market freelancers that will ghost on a dime)


TECH IS EASY.  PROCESS ESSENTIAL:   There are a zillion tech choices that can do what you need.  It’s how you design your strategy and processes that is most important.


MATH DOESN’T LIE.  Watch your financials. Measure your marketing.  Then add in your intuitive sense to make the best decisions.

Our Feel Good Work Method helps you:


FIND MONEY (savings or revenue gaps)


DITCH SOMETHING (work that doesn’t feel good)


RE-IGNITE YOUR PURPOSE (be reminded of the heart of your business)


JUST KNOW (listen close and you will know the right next step)

{ almost 3 decades in internet business }

It’s still the same today.
Brains + Heart + Good people performing well run processes.

No panic allowed. Let’s do this differently.