Hey there “Fire Wife”…

I still got you.

This goes for anyone who found me there but may no longer go by that title either.  The divorce rate is brutal. The widow rate heartbreaking.

FirefighterWife.com went all in starting in 2012 – heart, soul and literally muscles – to make a difference.  And it continues to!  (Visit our blog and facebook page)

But we did make some changes just shy of our TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY (freaking amazing to be achieving 10 years!)

The mission lives on…… strengthening fire families and marriages is essential.

Broader than that, I believe that strong families start with healthy, strong individuals, mentally, physically and spiritually, partnering together in marriage and parenting.

And when we have strong individuals and families, we build strong communities and businesses.

As an expert in Online Businesses, and a purpose-led entrepreneur, this is truly the goal:


Pick Your Next Step:

Learn how to communicate well through the Stress and Traumas (Big T and Little t)

Participate in the all new Fire Wife Academy, a deeper dive into Honor and Commitment.

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A online guide to your own DIY Commitment Weekend, anywhere!

For Resources, Training, Retreats, Behavioral Health Services, First Responder Specific Counseling

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Looking for a little more *SPARK* in your life and business?

Here are my 3 pillars to living life well:

SELF:  Know Thyself.  Keep Growing. Mind + Body + Spirit.

WEALTH:  Short + long term.  Career / Entrepreneurialism. Investing wisely and variably with our time and $.

RELATIONSHIPS: How we journey together

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PS:  I have a sweet spot for 🚒 fire families.  This is how to stay “in the know”.

Hi from Lori the Online Business Expert and Mission-Mover...

{ if you’re admiring the online business world and want to talk some business…. this is how things happen around here }

3 decade veteran of online business.  Agitated (in a motivated way) that many current online marketing teachings are misapplied.

Let’s talk truths:  

The core of business hasn’t changed.  Money follows excellence.

Experts who bring results can multiple visibility with marketing.

The ultimate business growth comes from connections and how well you deliver your services.

The more people know (see) your good stuff, the more you grow.

The principles of marketing has been the same for centuries.  It’s based on math and psychology.


However, the marketing tactic du jour game will exhaust you if you don’t play it well. And you are here to be an expert, not a marketer.

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