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{Virtual Work Opportunities for the week of March 6th….scroll down…. but we’d love for you to read our advice on how to land these great opportunities first!}

Did you read last week’s article where I show you how to dig past that “assistant” vocabulary in online work opportunities?

This week we found more of those gold mines of virtual freelance work. I’m a really intuitive gut-feel led person (ENTJ for anyone who’s wondering.) As I read these posts, I got some REALLY good intuitive feelings about these positions.

Before you look at them, I want you to remember this simple math.

$30 / hour equates roughly to a $60,000 per year employee skillset (this is what the hiring business should be thinking for skillset value)

10 hours / week for 1 client = $1200 a month

With 3 clients, it’s $3600 / month.

Let’s assume you then specialize into the more advanced work and hire a low dollar (perhaps even overseas?) VA to help you with the busy work (post scheduling, formatting, etc) which can cut your hours in half, allowing you to add more clients.

You’ve just built your $5000 / month VA business.

I’ve given you some insights for each of the jobs posted this week. Many of them have the potential to be these kinds of clients. Most of them ask for you to be a “jack of all trades” but most likely out of lack of understanding of the skillset and market. (If you really know all the skills they have listed you should be at least charging $40 / hour – but don’t do that until you have the skills)


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Alright….time to go prospect some new work this week:

{These virtual work opportunities are pulled from various sources around the web each week.  Some are free listings and some require a membership to sites such as FlexJobs or HireMyMomIf you want the best clients, long term business and the highest rates, we suggest using these sites over free Facebook groups.  To learn how to refine your search for the highest dollar virtual work opportunities, try our fast class.}

High Dollar Project Manager for Digital Marketing Start-Up

Client management, team formation, digital marketing and a business owner who values your skills and is willing to pay professional rates.

Plus that flexibility – seeking someone who can work independently, is intensely focused, and highly motivated.

(I’d apply for this one personally if that tells you anything 😉 )

Ongoing VA for Small IT Firm

Traditional assistant work but virtually….. this is great for someone who is not yet up on all the online business spaces but you have great office skills.

Small IT business is seeking an ONGOING VA who can assist with a variety of tasks. Management of specific tasks associated with business email, WordPress website, scheduling/project coordination, etc.


Ongoing (with room to grow) VA for Women’s Nutritional Coach

This one sounds FUN for the right person. Working in a space that is empowering to women never fails to be rewarding. And also a business owner who understands and values what it means to have a solid ongoing relationship with their VA.

This business owner is requesting an ONGOING (with room to grow) social media manager/VA who is familiar with mail chimp, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and WordPress. Organized, enthusiastic, not afraid to make decisions, team player, attention to detail.

Copywriter for Real Estate Website

The position request is for a real estate website: Looking for a talented marketing and advertising copywriter, an individual who can take ideas and bring them to life through powerful and impactful prose.

So they’ve very eloquently said, “We need someone who can get creative and interesting with house listings when there are a zillion same-old house listings out there to compete with.”

What I read into this position for the right person: may get routine and boring BUT it’s flexible and this seems like a position that has been filled multiple times and they are working hard to make it interesting. Some seasons of our life, boring routine work is a great way to bring extra income.

I also expect that advanced copywriters don’t apply for this kind of work and it’d be a great way to expand your copywriting resume.

Some more of their job description is here:
Skills to write in a variety of formats: long-form website copy, effective headlines, tag-lines, calls to action, product descriptions, and more, so the work will be fun, exciting and challenging, you WON’T be bored, and your work will make an impact.

Online Marketing Savvy VA for Career Coach

This list of skills requested is BIG. Do you know what that means? It will scare away a lot of people from applying. (And perhaps the business owner doesn’t have the right expectations but…. they’re a career coach which I bet makes them pretty open to understanding that most VA’s aren’t experts in every item on that list!)

Here’s the request:
Looking for a VA to help with social media, email campaign setups, client intake, and more..
Prefer someone with a solid understanding (or at least familiarity) of FB marketing, Mailerlite, Hootsuite, Leadpages, and Kajabi.
Ability to use YOAST is a plus.

PT Daytime Hours Admin Assistant to CEO

Interesting request here…. this person owns an Executive Assistant firm however they now want their own Executive Assistant. (Makes me wonder a bit why they don’t pluck one of their own best candidates but perhaps they are billing well and profitable? And maybe this position will open you up to other work with them?)

A nice thing about this position is daytime hours only. So no expectation to work around the clock, you know, since you are virtual and want flexibility.

The specific skills they ask for are standard: research on tasks, follow up e-mails via a company provided e-mail, and/or minimal phone calls. Very basic tasks, but experience is preferred.

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