Good Marketing is Automated Love

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You know how you can tell you are getting an automated email (or post) from someone? It’s so obvious. You click once to see the price and the reminder emails are all over you like flies on poop. Ew.

The best automated responses do not feel like that. It feels good. Like love and wisdom from your grandma, with a side of her fresh baked goodies. It feels like your best friend suggesting the obvious fix you are currently blinded by from emotion. Like someone really gets you. They see in your mind and heart. But it’s automated. Automated love.

This is the magic in the automated marketing systems I design for my clients.

(sidebar: Who should be automating their marketing? Even if you are just starting out with your first lead gen opt-in, you should do this. You can’t grow your business if you aren’t automating. Marketing is harder and harder as it gets more savvy but it isn’t just for the big players.)

Even if your business has helpful lead opt-ins and automated email replies, most have only embraced 7% of the power of getting helpful content in front of their audience.

If they aren’t seeing it, you aren’t able to share the love!

This doesn’t mean showing them your products. It means teaching and guiding and transforming them with your helpfulness so they come seeking your products.

And they CHOOSE it.

Instead of casting a flood of content across your whole audience, a good automation gives the reader / viewer the right next best thing to help them.

When a marketing automation system is set up properly, you can take the feedback of the readers actions, and give them exactly what they need next in a super helpful way.

“Oh your biggest struggle is ________” (because you told me when you completed that survey, form, otherwise) “It feels like ________ when this happens. I get it. Here is something we’ve seen help that immediately.” (link to most listened to podcast on how to address that.)

If someone visits your sales page, a soft “Can I help you with anything?” message should feel personal, not invasive or pushy.

When you can write exactly what is going through someone’s mind, you are most effective at building trust and your credibility.

Part 2 of automated love is related to kind tactics to get above the noise.


The human brain is forgetful.

Notification World is where we live with too much noise.

Even if your offer / sale / free content is the essence of love. It is exactly what someone needs in that moment, there are a million things to distract them from taking action.

This is part 2 of why you need these marketing automations…. to cut thru the noise, with the most efficient, effective, optimized method.

(Efficiency is my love language so this is sooooo essential to automated marketing)

I call it “surgically inserting” the right message in the right place at the right time.

Get the important stuff in front of the right people in a welcoming way.

I mean, if all the right products and programs for me could come at me that easily and obviously it would immediately cut through all the distractions and put the best tools in my hands.

  • Don’t make me go look for your link.
  • Don’t make me dig thru a thousand email messages.
  • Don’t pressure me (but do remind me!) of sales windows
  • (and make genuine sales offers…. don’t tell me you’ll never price it like this again and then do so).
  • Don’t overwhelm me with too many touches. Too many words.

To know me is to love me. To know your audience is to love them.

See into their heart with empathy and they will trust you.

Now let’s talk tangible actions. Because getting stuff done is also my love language.

You can automate the love, the good, the purpose, the meaning behind your marketing in a way that is just right in just right timing.

Here are 2 fast fixes to do right now:

  • Remove any hard sell language from email 1 and 2 in your sequence. Make it a soft invite at the most.
  • Set an automation to track clicks on that freebie someone opted in for and send gentle reminders to anyone who hasn’t clicked it yet. Be helpful and empathetic with these. Here are 2 ways to word it:
    • Aw man life is busy. In case you forgot why you so needed this _______, here’s the link again.
    • Because I too sign up for too many things, I want to be helpful and dish you the best highlights from that eBook / podcast / webinar / pdf. Here they are: (point 1, point 2, screen grab – keep it short and helpful). And here’s that link again if you want to see the whole thing.

🡆 If you don’t have a marketing automation tool, or you’re still using something lower level like MailChimp, I recommend this one. For 10 years now it’s been getting this done for me and there’s always some crazy good new feature to do even more.

There was nothing automated about the words in this message. They came entirely from my brain and heart. However, I may surgically insert some reminders with automated love ICYMI.

With marketing love,


PS – Finding the right words can sometimes be the hardest. You’ve been looking inside your business too long to pull back and see the obvious. We are for hire to help you build this – the words and the automation magic.


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