How To Prepare for the Future of Freelance and VA Work

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Finding Virtual Work (VA or freelance) won’t look the same in a few years.

In fact, it will be more difficult to work your way into the field. As with any new industry (and online virtual work is still quite a baby in terms of industry maturity), the market matures and changes and newcomers have a more difficult time entering the profession.

So how should you position yourself NOW to stay ahead of this curve?

How can you take advantage of the opportunities in front of you today and make them long term happy clients?

Listen to this episode and hear my take on:

  • Why professional agencies may take over
  • Why being a professional is the most important thing you can be doing right now
  • Why starting quickly even if you don’t feel 100% ready (you never do!) is the right way to do this

Show Notes

00:26 Defining Virtual Professional Work

01:35 The Industry Maturity Matrix –

The online business industry is quite immature in many spaces.

10:48 What does this state of maturity mean for you the virtual professional?

This is good! it means lots of room for growth and innovation.

You will likely run across clients that don’t know what they want/need and change their minds frequently.  That’s normal because we  are in an industry that isn’t mature.  There aren’t a lot of standards and proven processes.  So embrace it!  Because standards and proven processes sounds a lot like boring corporate work to me.

What is one thing you feel you have innovated in your work as a Virtual Professional? Maybe it’s a better way to deliver an email funnel, design a landing page, help an online business owner implement their membership product, etc. Others, your competitors will be innovating so it’s important for you to stay on top of your game.

“HEROIC EFFORT”  is what’s ultimately getting the job done by many solopreneurs these days. They are exhausted and need help. The right virtual professional on their team can move them into a place of repeatable success by helping to implement processes.

13:26 What will this market look like in the future? 

The Virtual Work world is in an early growth and innovation stage.  VA work WILL become commoditized.  And Virtual PROFESSIONALS will soar into the higher paying, long lasting businesses.

Virtual Assistant Placement Agencies will rise and lower the pay for “general VA services”.   Specializing will keep you highly marketable and highly paid.

Those who are building a VA client base now will be solid for the long term business.  Breaking into the VA world at higher dollars will get more and more difficult as the industry matures.   (So START NOW)

16:10 What won’t change.

It will never be a bad business move to be a professional.  “Play Pro Ball” as I like to say.  Your quality results and your network will keep you in business for years to come.

17:40 Moving up the ladder to higher dollar work

Virtual Professional specialists climb the industry maturity curve faster and better than generalist admin VAs.

This is pretty different than other online marketing training, right?

I believe in this boring strategy stuff because it builds YOU.
This training has been about using your skills, talents and network to build sustainable future in virtual work and in online business.
The business world will change but your talents will never go away. You need to continue to focus in on the right places.

2 Ways to build YOU and a sustainable business strategy

How She Quits Collective Monthly Membership – The most affordable way to get access to this type of strategy training for your business.

6 Weeks to Clients 6 Month Mentorship – This is where we go deep. We’ll help you build your website, your package that you’ll offer and your sustainable business plan; moving you up the ladder to higher rates and business growth.

There is an incredible opportunity for growth in the online marketing and services industries. Now is the time to get in there and I’m looking forward to helping you navigate that journey and build a sustainable, profitable business that you can work on your terms.


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