After decades of holding the ship together, it’s time to eff around a bit and find out what’s next.
Midlife women!  We have decades ahead of us and an empty nest has arrived or is looming and it’s still go time, sisters.
PS: Even if you don't have kids your Mid Life Reinvention matters to this movement. It's about the Mojo of whatever moves you.
We’ve got energy - ok not as much as at 25 but way more than our mama’s had at this age.

We love big,
sprinkle compassion generously,
seek meaningful moments,
and are meant to do big things.

We are business women, entrepreneurs or just trying to figure out the second half of life (and maybe also moms or glammaw’s too!)

We are every combo of marital status you can make up 
💑married forever
💒married but who is he?
💪divorced and healing
💅independent MoFos

We are redefining what we want in relationships and vowing to not pass down bad patterns to our own sons and daughters.
(and also to connect deeply and meaningfully with our partners)

We have aging parents topics just when we thought our time would free up...
 ... freaky new features they call perimenopause and working out doesn't work like it used to!
We are trying to understand all the memes to stay relatable but....
We have aging parents topics just when we thought our time would free up...
 ... freaky new features they call perimenopause and working out doesn't work like it used to!
We are trying to understand all the memes to stay relatable but....
We are living in an age where 50 still feels sexy AF
We are digging underneath feelings, hungry to live the full truth of who we were born to be.

We aren’t afraid to do the work while canceling the hustle culture - cause that -ish was a wrong turn.

Our religious doctrines are up for speculation and redefinition.

Our soul is alive.

Our solid friendships are solid, but few and far between.

We want more Deep Connection with powerful women who lovingly tell us the truth and support us in our dreams.
Celebrate and dance with me but don't blow smoke up my ass, mkay?
Enough Already. I'm in!
(but wait...what am I in for?  Keep reading!)
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Welcome to a little
experiment that became a
Meaningful Midlife Movement.
... 8 days of Marco Polo when Brooke had a hunch, turned into 8 months of “I really need to tell you this and no one else will get it.”
It was an experiment.
A little scary but we took the risk and a few months in, we had a giant realization.

What we did here is a beautiful thing.
It’s made us better women.

Here’s our bold statement:

Who were / are your safe people?
Sports teams.  Work besties. Mom’s groups. Masterminds.
As we recount every most memorable moment of our lives, we are always surrounded with the right supportive, safe team around us.

People who remind us to be the powerful women we truly are and help us keep our head and hearts in the game of life.
It wasn’t “that course” or “this amazing guru” or “my therapist” (although they all played a role).

The biggest shifts happened when we walked daily with people who could see us for our true selves, celebrate joys, cry the deep tears of grief and gently guide us back to our truth.
Now, at midlife, we can re-create that magic.

This is about permission to BE free to be yourself.
To speak that truth and be celebrated.
To go after what your soul wants for you...even if it doesn't make sense right now.

It's not "7 steps" or some formulaic rules.
We get to rewrite our story in real time.
DISCLAIMER: What this isn't:
Your next MLM invite disguised as a party.
Some unbelievable coaching experience.
A way to network and grow followers.
A challenge, a course or a membership.

Click here only if you crave authentic connection and a power team to keep you on track.  Because you've got important things to do in this second half.

What's going to happen after you click?
A short survey about midlife and then... you're on the insiders email list.  That's it!  Safe and simple and just enough to rev your engines and remind you that there's still decades of big life living ahead!

You're Invited
It's Midlife Madness time!
Hi! It's me, Lori Mercer Trimble
🏌🏻‍♀️🏡🏃🏻‍♀️🏕🚵🏼 👩‍👩‍👦‍👦 ☕️ 🧁 🥃 🌳 🥾
Age 51. Divorced. Remarried. Mom / Bonus Mom to SEVEN. Publishing another book, uncommitted to timelines but it's birthing.

It's (another) new season for me as all my Firefighter Wife responsibilities have been handed off to an organization with the ability to do SO MUCH GOOD for first responder families. (Yes! I built something that did so much good AND had an actual "exit".  Ask me for deets if you are interested in that.)

With my Feel Good Work "boutique agency", I have a set of clients for whom we deliver website and email marketing services.

And also.... here comes the BOTH-AND Lori..... being able to CREATE SPACE OF MY OWN is super important to me for 2 key reasons:

  1. It keeps me alive, active and expertise building in business strategy, marketing and development - I never want to be the expert craftsman who stops refining their art.

  2.  I want to apply my expertise ONLY on projects that DO GOOD in the world.

We've had a lot of life reflection lately as we lost my mother in law.

☀No days are promised to us. Everyday needs to be GO TIME.

Saying YES and living our best life in each moment is part of the formula when people say
to me "I love seeing you so happy" and "You do SO MUCH".

Yes and yes BUT....

We all get to chose our own path. This is only the one that makes me thrive.

Watching my friends and loved ones and business acquaintances and followers FIND AND LIVE WHAT MAKES THEM THRIVE ... and navigate those conversations together.... that is CONNECTION.

It creates deep, meaningful moments.

Literally the meaning of life in my opinion.

Whether I've shared them with you over coffee or over a DM, life feels fuller when this connection is shared.

And listen, HILARIOUS MEMES ARE A LOVE LANGUAGE! (Sometimes they say it better than we can FAFO 🤷‍♀️)

As myself (and many of my peeps) have entered midlife... there are some unexpected learnings:

☑Emptying the nest comes with grief - and new levels of parenting you can't prepare for.

☑ 50 is like the new 34ish. Us most recent 50yos are clearly ready for next level living and meaning for DECADES.

☑ We are OVER social media... yet here we are. We've just adapted it to work better for us (and honestly I still have to praise the algo-rithms for that)

☑ We WANT deeper meaningful connection - but still don't have the free time and how the heck do you meet new friends in this season w/o kids sports to connect us? Oh, and after divorce when you don't know who's really there to support you?

☑ We are more clear and more direct (honest, truthful, ok, and SASSY-PANTS) about what we want and don't want.

And... we look around some days and still feel confused, lonely, overwhelmed.

Like... how did I get this far and who let me adult this long? and WTF happened that us GenXers are getting squeezed in the giant generational sandwich with heavy care on both ends of the family tree?

Why are things a million dollars? When do I get a moment to breath? And oh yes... we're heading to the Caribbean next week and just upgraded our non-mom-wagon car and which of these colors would look best in our master bedroom makeover?

The BOTH-AND of it is all is omnipresent.

I'm not even bringing up how this ride is enhanced by the hormone roller coaster. 🤣
if you read this far, you're probably relating.

And if you're a woman, I have a favor to ask of you.

My next season... my next creation... the one where I GET TO use my expertise and 50yo wisdom to make the world a little better... needs your input.👀

If you're curious, go ahead and click. I see all the stats and clicky-clicks show me who felt an energetic tingle from this.

If you're a hell yes, check it out and message me to tell me so - because that FEELS GOOD!

This isn't the launch of anything... yet. It's that moment where I want your input and I want to cry AND laugh hysterically over it.

🚒If you came from my Fire Wife Sisterhood season over a decade ago, this is like rebirthing that Sisterhood, but for us midlifers, while incorporating ALL THAT "experience" that caused rants that were way too lengthy over way too much petty-ness.

This is also a new season with only a few rules....

Core rules for midlifers to live their best, connective lives:

  • No judgment of others.
  • Be kind and supportive
  • Own your own business. Victimhood is not attractive.
  • All other rules, shoulds and unhealthy codependent attachments are meant to be broken.


We have the BEST NAME for this new movement but you're going to have wait for that to be revealed.

If you want to be the first to know, then check the comments please so we can kick start this midlife momentum.

Oh... PS - this isn't some shady "I'm now going to sell you coaching" offer. I'm so freaking over the mess the internet has made of that industry and that's why this is DIFFERENT.

Firstly... there will be free and low cost ways to say HELL YES to a meaningful midlife movement.

Secondly... there will be ways to say HELL YES AND SIGN ME UP FOR EVERYTHING BECAUSE I'M ALL IN ....

Thirdly.... some of you all won't even believe this is coming from my mouth - there will be TSHIRTS. (Remember how selling tshirts was once upon the time my most dreaded business activity? Welp. This one is worth it LOL!)

Thank you for indulging my creative energy on this page.

I ♥ u and appreciate you all.

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