Next Marketing VA Talent
Seeking America's Next Top Marketing VA Talent!
{and free training to reach NEXT LEVEL VA skills}
No time to watch?  Your time is valuable. And some people read better than watch.  Here's the short & sweet version: 
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Marketing skills earn a higher $ rate.

Most VA trainings don't teach these.

What Are the Top VA Marketing Skills:

  • Ability to write / edit good marketing words for emails, web pages and social posts
    • Able to take the clients voice and raw content and turn it into marketing assets
  • Ability to “see” good marketing design in logos, web pages, graphics, text layout
    • (Some are also able to create these designs on their own. All should be able follow a prescribed design and create blog posts, web pages and canva graphics)
  • Understanding how to measure the results of marketing

Marketing Specialist VA if:

  • You are thinking about getting the best results for your client’s audience (emails, web pages, social media) - not just getting the work done.
  • You can organize your work clearly and communicate status well in tools like Asana 
  • You see better ways to do things as you go.
  • You don’t require a lot of touchpoints with your client / leader.

We believe……..
Marketing skills are LEARNABLE.
VA skills are LEARNABLE.
Can we find teachable, fast learners in the VA space to further develop these skills and uplevel the online business industry as a whole?
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It’s difficult to determine if someone truly has these skills from their resume / portfolio.
Our Solution:
Let’s hold a 1 hour workshop to teach a facet of what we are looking for, let some VA’s complete these exercises and find the top trainable talent to hire for our team and clients..
AND….. these VA’s get free training while we’re at it!
How This Works:
Apply for this free training
Watch the training on your own time and complete the exercises
We select qualified candidates from the results

Training Will Be a Crash Course In:

  • How to write good headlines / copy for web pages / emails
  • How to format text for best readability on web pages / emails
  • How to leverage templates to rapidly create amazing graphics
  • How to organize your work
The Exercises Can Be Completed in 2-3 hours and include:
  • Creating a web page + email sequence from templates we provide  (yes we are GIVING our high converting templates and practices in this training)
  • Creating supporting graphics from a canva template / brand  
  • Organizing your work in a clear way in an Asana project
  • Delivering quality work for review in the required time frame 

Ready to be America's Next Top Marketing VA?
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