Stop doing social. Standout better

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FACT: My best clients who are high 6 to 7 figure online “coaches”, do not spend a ton of time on social. (Some haven’t posted more than a handful of times a month!)

How do they do that????

They stand out differently.

This does not mean snarky, sassy, controversial and divisive (which gets attention for sure but is founded in lack and ego and is sometimes even traumatic).
They have a different way to meet their ideal client right where they are emotionally and situationally and with expertise that doesn’t sound like everyone else.
Actually like I hope I’m doing right here with this kina boring business topic – Does it feel like relief? I hope so.
If you’re a coach feeling the “should” with every next marketing tidbit, this is for you.
Because you have fabulous 1-on-1 client calls that light you up but then you think about marketing and it’s *whomp whomp* weariness.

What if I told you to just STOP all the social posting?

Stop all the photo shoots and filtering
Stop following about 80% of the marketers you’re learning from (yes even the really good ones who know their stuff)
Stop dreaming up a new splashy themes like “A year like never before” to present your program and launch
Stop racing to the next Clubhouse (remember that???)

Even if tik tok is the next right strategy step for you.. you can ONLY make it work with this next thing I’m going to tell you.

Slow your roll and lean into….

  • Your genius. Those few methods, techniques and styles you use with clients to truly create AHA moments and change habits, minds and day to day life
  • The most effective things you say to your clients and what your client says back
  • Spending most of your time on the right words and approach
  • Refining those words so it’s not a ZILLION pieces of content but just a few key things that hit
  • DIFFERENT and more effective.

Create better, not more.

(After you have that, there’s a set of techniques to make sure those DIFFERENT words get visibility but don’t waste your time getting visibility on words that don’t work.)

2 Examples from recent client work:.

1. A client about to turn on paid ad traffic to a landing page that was so “me too”, I delayed the project a bit to fix it. The page just didn’t even begin to represent the magnificence of her program and the lives it changes. It was one screen. A few words. But we tweaked it to meet her prospect more vulnerably and emotionally.

2. A client with a webinar about the holidays who wanted to run a list of blah blah blah ways you’ve all heard to destress during the holidays. I stopped it and said… you can do that but it’s so same-same. and they won’t come back again because everything you are saying is EXPECTED. You are a therapist. What do you say that’s DIFFERENT from all the noise already out there on pinterest?

Instead of “Take a pause for yourself to destress in the holiday season” why don’t we say…

Here are 3 holiday things that are INCREASING your brain stress and how to reverse that: 1. Crowded stores with music and smells decrease your brains decision making capacity for the entire day. Shop with headphones and low traffic times….

See where I’m going with this? That’s helpful, specific and different. And maybe you didn’t even know that!

Today I read these words to inspire this example from one of my favs with the simplicity approach, Ryan Lee:
Is the coaching model dying? No.
Is it saturated? It’s getting there.

As the market continues to get flooded hourly with new coaches setting up shop – the old way of marketing (cold messaging, PMs, etc.) ain’t gonna cut moving forward. Not even close.

If you’re selling information in 2023 you will disappear into the background unless you make a few strategic moves.

I’m not saying you need to become famous. In fact, I propose the opposite.

It’s not about doing MORE social media. You should do LESS.


⭐ Every generic, vanilla, forgettable motivational quote you post actually weakens your position.⭐
⭐ This stuff makes you look/sound/feel like everyone else.⭐ It’s not special. It’s not different. I promise you, that’s not how you get more customers and “scale”.

fancy setups for better email engagement

If you love that, you’ll love Ryan and his pragmatic, direct, different style of teaching online marketing. (message me about which of his programs I recommend)

If you know you need this STAND OUT kind of marketing, this will sound different:

I can create that for you from your ALREADY EXISTING CONTENT.


You’ve already said amazing things, just missing that stand out differentiator in your marketing.

A couple of meetings and we can refine the words and layout of your:

  • sales page
  • opt-in page
  • that ever important nurture email sequence behind it
  • and yes the stand out social that compliments

It’s not a new website. Or new social channel. It’s the words you’re going to put there.

When we do this, we all make the internet a little better everyday 🙂