How To Stop Trading Dollars For Hours In Your VA / Virtual Professional Business

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{Virtual Work Opportunities for the week of April 17th….scroll down…. but we’d love for you to read our advice on how to land these great opportunities first!}

If you’ve been following me for some time now, you know it’s a no-brainer to add $2-5k per month to your income with hourly VA kinds of services.

But at some point, you realize you’ve maxed out your dollars and hours. Ultimately, moving into a package or project-based pricing is going to be win-win for both you and your client.

There are 2 opportunities we feature this week which are specifically project-based pricing, not hourly. And both are pitched from the client as project-based which is a nice transition step for you.

They already know they want to charge this way so you don’t need to convince them.

The benefit here is that those who are masters in their skills can earn top-notch rates for quality work.

The risk is that it takes you way longer than you think and your actual hourly rate is lower.

But that’s totally within your realm of control. You can define your own systems and approaches to churn out high-quality project-based work to generate more profit.

If you want to know more about how to make this transition into package based pricing, we just released a new training on this exact topic in our monthly membership community, the How She Quits Collective.

Stay tuned this week as I make some bold and drastic changes to our free Facebook community.  Why?

It’s not working well for you OR me. When something’s not working, it needs fixing.

My heart, time and energy are poured into the How She Quits Collective membership community. THAT is working and working well.

New trainings like the one we mention above are released each week including at least twice monthly group calls for Q&A as well as Office Hours to ask your personal questions.

I know I make a difference in your journey to quit your day job and become a freelance virtual professional.

Together in the Collective is where that happens.

This week’s hottest virtual work opportunities:

{These virtual work opportunities are pulled from various sources around the web each week.  Some are free listings and some require a membership to sites such as FlexJobs or HireMyMomIf you want the best clients, long term business and the highest rates, we suggest using these sites over free Facebook groups.  To learn how to refine your search for the highest dollar virtual work opportunities, try our fast class.}

Part-Time Freelance Marketing Copywriter

Copywriters: Another chance to move away from the hourly work with this pay-per-project opportunity.

This client also demonstrates professionalism and growth – there is already a project manager and process in place. And they ask to see your online digital portfolio and writing samples. Don’t have a portfolio yet? Build one out with our 6 Weeks to Clients program. Or simply step into our How She Quits Collective where just this month we’ve added training on “Fast and Efficient Client Scope of Work Agreements” and “How to Move from Hourly to Package Based Pricing in your VA Business”. Coming later this month “New Ways to Wow with Your Portfolio”  Join the Collective here.

Part-Time Social Media Manager + Design

Looking to move from the hourly work? Here’s a great place to start with per-project pay. If you’ve got the creatives, an eye for design and an understanding of what makes things attractive on social media, try this one out. And like everyone, they are wanting to move to short videos. You could be the one to sweep in and ramp up the videos effectively for their business.

VA Supporting Operations for Entrepreneur

Ontraport anyone? This is a hot tool in the VA world now and for good reason. It can do EVERYTHING and really streamline a business (if you want to learn it, go here ( and watch their free tutorials. Bonus: if you start your own Ontraport account using my referral link, I’ll give you a free 30 minute consult to get you up and running quickly with Ontraport. And let’s be real. If you want to do this kind of work, you need to buy into the tools. You need to have them at your fingertips playing with them and learning them. The good news is that it’s all learnable.

This position is for a part-time VA with very traditional online business work – landing pages, email drips, etc. Plus the ability to structure these projects and help them meet the needs of their clients.

Now, $17 / hour as advertised is way too low for Ontraport work. So chances are very few people are bidding on this. Which gives you an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and wow them and step in at $25 / hour with a plan to move up.

Part-Time Customer Support VA

If you are comfortable with customer service BUT want more, here’s an opportunity for you.
This growing health and beauty company selling online through many platforms such as Amazon and eBay needs you to help them define and run their customer support. Friendly, quality response in an efficient manner via phone and email is what’s needed. And a process to work around the clock with customer service reps around the world…. so everyone gets to sleep normal hours.
Start small and grow with this one.



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