The work that Lori and her team does have helped me come back to my soul – and my soul mission in this. It’s so powerful, it just ignites something in me.

The journey of entrepreneurship – it’s like it takes a village to raise a kid, right? You really can’t do it all on your own. You really can’t be everything to yourself and so this partnership has really had me starting to understand more about the journey of working the long arc of my dream and what that means.

I use to do it all with the support of ballet companies that had the infrastructure there, but as an entrepreneur, oh my goodness – there was so much in that picture that was missing! And so working with Lori and her team has really provided the architecture for the long arc of my dream. That’s just priceless.

Not sure where to start with our expertise in your online business?

Let’s audit that.

What feels good?  What doesn’t?   Let’s look under the hood of your business to find out.

We look at your data and systems, put them in a model and discover your gaps and where to focus first, second and third.