Unqualified Doubt Monsters

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Take a step. Learn. Adjust.Take another step.

No one has all the answers.

There.  The secret is out.   Does that make you feel better?

No CEO.  Not Donald Trump.  Not your boss.  Not that big time face you see all over the internet raking in “multiple six figures”.   And certainly not me or you.

It’s because as we build our businesses the world is changing at a maddening pace around us.   And we can’t possibly know it all.

All you need to know is your mission and the next steps.  And when you are big enough, how to outsource those steps that aren’t your strength – like website building or graphics creation for example.

Still, that doubt monster creeps into your head.   Literally the moments upon which I was sitting on Marie Forleo’s couch ready to shoot a video about how her B-School program grew our 24-7 COMMITMENT audience to more than 100,000 followers, I questioned what I knew and what I had to share.

Don’t listen to that doubt monster!   If you have a vision and dream on your heart, you’ve got the tools in front of you to make it happen.

When I started doing all of “this” (my first blogging and website creation and social media marketing) I didn’t know how to use Canva or place a Facebook ad or write the best copy for an email or setup an email auto-responder.   I didn’t even know exactly what product to create nor what to price it.

And it was super easy for me to look at others who had made it big and think they had some lucky breaks or insider secrets they weren’t sharing.

Now I know the truth….. it’s actions.   And testing.  And learning.  Then adjusting.  And acting again.

And boy can that seem like a long process…..unless you put yourself in a community of learners doing the same.  Then you get to accelerate that test / adjust cycle with what you learn from your peers.

B-School was one of the best tools and communities I could ever put myself in to accelerate that learning cycle and produce faster results.

And this year, B-School starts at the same moment that my current favorite Pastor and Author is releasing his 4th (5th – long story behind that) book called “Unqualified”.


In his own words Pastor Furtick shares this:

I am unqualified. And so are you. This is a book for anyone frustrated with your failures and fed up with your weaknesses. It’s about coming to terms with the good, the bad, and the unmentionable in your life – and learning how to let God use you in spite of your mess.

Sound familiar?   I have messy parts of my life that aren’t figured out yet right now.  I have 100,000 social media followers and still some messes.   I have 15,000+ email subscribers and occasionally doubt my ability to connect with them.   Our non-profit generated  well over 6 figures of revenue last year and there are moments of frustration.    They don’t go away ever because we are human.  But we learn how to navigate that battlefield in our mind.

So decision time is here for B-School.   You can register only from Feb. 17th through March 2nd.  And then it’s closed until next year.

Because this is such an important message, for everyone who joins my B-School team, I’m going to give you a copy of this new book “Unqualified” and…. one more book that will be personally selected based on your needs.  While I’m an avid book reader, I’m only about giving you the best of the best that’s going to propel you forward.

So we’ll have a little one on one chat about your business and goals, I’ll gift you with another favorite book that’s perfect for you, and get off and running on those ACTIONS.

if you’re like me, you want to research decisions like this completely.

Learn More About the B-School Program

If you’re like me, you want to research these decisions thoroughly.   Go ahead and look at this link.  I think it will help.


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