{The VA Workshop That Brings You Clients}

Active teaching and exercises are how your kids learn best right?  So why not give yourself the gift of a virtual teacher who has helped hundreds of women like you start and grow their professional work-from-home businesses. 


Start Your VA Business By Doing These 4 Simple Steps

The Kick Start Workshop plus my unique library of templates and trainings for ongoing learning.

How Does This Workshop Work?

I will guide you thru my 4 simple steps to kickstart your own VA business in a 5 part Video Series.

You will learn, do some work, review the work, then learn again.

Beyond the workshop:   You get access to my entire online Virtual Professional Starter Kit to work through at your own pace, a $149 value at no additional cost to you!

By the end, you will have made GIANT PROGRESS on starting your own VA business (and could even have a client that same day!)

Presented By
Lori Mercer

Mom of 4, Corporate Quitter and Virtual Professional for 5+ Years.

Lori has trained up hundreds of women to start their own flexible, profitable work-from-home businesses using professional skills.

Her teaching stresses strategies for business and working mom life that are unique, ignore fads and trends and focus on a sustainable, healthy lifestyle for you and your family.

During this Workshop, You Will Learn:
What a Virtual Assistant (VA) does and what skills you have that can make you a well qualified VA 

The simple steps to find available VA projects today (as in... we will search job opportunities live in this workshop)

How to present yourself, apply and win the work!  (Hint: So many of these projects go unfilled because VA's simply don't show up well.... the work is plenty for the hungry workers!)

What skills are hot and how anyone can find a specialty area and learn it well... so your expertise and rates can increase in just a few months.

INCLUDES our $149 Virtual Professional Starter Kit.  30+ VA skills videos and Fast Track training videos and templates to start your VA Business at no additional cost.

Who Is This For?   

Stay-at-Home Moms wanting to re-enter the work force.
Teachers, Nurses, Corporate employees wanting to work from home.

If you know your way around a computer, it's all learnable and worth a 3 hour investment in yourself.  

If you've heard the term "VA" or "Virtual Assistant" and want to know how your skills can be used to start your own flexible, part time, profitable, well above minimum wage freelance business.....this is for you!

Doubt your ability?  These skills are learnable.

Not sure where to find clients and projects?  This workshop will show you.

Nervous to get started?  This is a low cost investment that will pay back as you see the simple steps and gain that confidence.

We promise this workshop will pay for itself over and over again.

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Is this you?
Anyone can use their "professional skills" doing flexible work from home as a freelancer.

There are 3 core types of Virtual Work:


As you develop your Virtual Professional skills, here are some common paths for specialization:

All the details and organization
  • Customer Support
  • Editing and formatting
  • Website updates
  • Follow up and filing
  • Emails & Calendars
  • Book keeping
Graphics, Copy, Social Media
  • Graphic design
  • Social Media Management
  • Video editing
  • Writers
Websites, System Setup, Process
  • Wordpress website install and maintenance
  • Email funnels
  • Course and membership setup
  • System setup & processes
and receive the Virtual Professional Starter Kit for FREE!

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*** Virtual Professional Starter Kit is normally $149 but is free to everyone who registers for this workshop ***

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YOUR BONUS:    The Virtual Professional Starter Kit includes the details for a foundation as an Administrative, Creative or Technical Virtual Professionals & VA's including:
Instructional Guide 
A Scope of Work & Portfolio template
Skills training and Soft-Skills training that helps you retain clients
Exact skills you need to move up in rates
What Lori's Students Are Saying:
"Lori is a trusted advisor and someone I consider as part of my “inner circle” to help guide me in the process of building my own virtual business.Her track record of creating businesses from the ground up (both non-profit and for profit) was already impressive, but the fact that she is sharing the tips and resources from her toolkit…WOW! Ladies, look no further because Lori is the real deal."
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Laisha Dailey, laishadaley.me

"I’m amazed at the progress I made during Lori's program. When I started I was unclear on how to get clients, or where to even begin to look for freelance jobs, what kind of services or packages to offer, how much to charge, or what clients would be willing to pay for.

At the end I had gained my first monthly client, had a “Design Services” page up on my website, was confident in my pricing, had a plan in place for getting new clients, and even learned how to quickly spot scams.

I also learned how to write a better profile bio (for social media & job boards), how to on-board clients, manage client files, and what to include in a contract. And I was thrilled to discover the best places to search for virtual work, and the best tools and apps to use to communicate more effectively with clients and manage projects.

But the most valuable part of the program was probably the accountability, encouragement, and new friendships. I’m quite sure I would not have made so much progress without these elements. Plus, I loved how Lori went above and beyond in providing so much value, answering all our questions and providing insights about work/life balance. Now I am so excited about the future, and am confident that I can get and serve clients well." 

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JoDitt Williams, www.joditt.com

The fastest path to work-from-home cash is as a service provider.

"Can you do this?"

"Yes! For $250"

"Ok, what's your PayPal?"

See how easy that is?  No products. No selling.  Just you, your brain and your laptop.

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